History Matters

Everything in our lives has historical context.

Understanding One’s Existence: Everyone is curious about their personal history and environment.

Building A Better Future: Prevention of future wars and mistakes of similar kinds. This helps us to anticipate the future effects of our actions by comparing our situation with the past.

Learning From Our Ancestors: When we study history, we can learn past ideals and implement them in our own lives, paving the way for a successful and fruitful life.  

Understanding Society: Learning the history of human society and cultures helps us to understand the working of human society and formation of the intricate bonds of relationships, dependencies and occasionally the roots of evil.

Efficient Governing: To plan an efficient government we need the understanding of governing procedures that have been followed throughout history.

Inventions & Discoveries: There are many important inventions, formulas, medicines, discoveries, and philosophies which belonged to our ancestors.

A Solid Foundation: History provides the backbone on which most of today’s theories and subjects are supported.

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